Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She got PAID TO SHOP!!!

Since Ed & I have started Financial Peace University, I’ve been looking for ways to save money. Well, I looked for ways to save money before, but never did much about it. Anyway, there’s this site called TheGroceryGame that totally rocks! Without going into details (because you can look up the specifics on the site or Katie’s blog--she even has pictures) it is a way to save a ton of money at the grocery store. You can save not only on food items, but paper products and toiletries as well.

This weekend was my first attempt. I went to Food Lion on Sunday and when everything was scanned, the total came to $120. I only paid $67!!! Yesterday, I went to Harris Teeter. The original total was $109, but I only paid $54!!! I never realized shopping for groceries could be so exciting. Even the checkout people are thrilled when you save that kind of money!

Ok, so I just had to share this with you (this is the whole reason for my post). Here is an instance when the grocery game will REALLY pay off.

My friend Rebecca has been "playing" the grocery game forever...in fact, I'm pretty sure that's how Katie found out about it. Anyway, Rebecca has a family of 5 (she actually has another son, but he's grown & doesn't live at home). Anyway, she's an awesome steward of her money and is not frivolous when it comes to buying groceries. However, she'll give you everything in her fridge if you needed it.

So…back to my point. She buys 4 Raleigh papers each week just to get the coupons. Today, she headed to Harris Teeter just to pick up a few things she had coupons for and would also use. She bought:

4 16oz Nestle smoothies (essentially, they are just bottles of chocolate milk)
4 boxes of popcorn
2 boxes of toaster strudels
4 boxes of fruit roll-ups (her daughter takes one with her lunch every day)

Grand total???

Negative $1.16!!!!

Yes people, the store PAID HER to shop!! Obviously this isn’t going to feed her family of 5 for the month, but it certainly is a good way to stock up on things! Isn’t that amazing?? Let me know if you've used this site or if you have any other tips for saving money on food!

****Edited to add****

My bad. Apparently Katie told Rebecca about The Grocery Game...not the other way around. Sorry sis!!

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