Friday, January 2, 2009

In No Particular Order

As I've mentioned before, I get mighty frustrated with posting pics on blogger. So....I tried my hardest to get these in some sort of order... Enjoy!

Isn't this mug great? My friend Misty made it for me. She owns "Stuck on Words". You should definitely click on the link and check out her website. We also had customized ornaments made this year (but I can't figure out how to get a good picture of them).

Edwin was helping daddy with the tree

Experimenting with new textures :)

Waiting patiently for daddy...

Yes, we're busted. We have a boxed, pre-lit tree. But let me tell you, this thing is a breeze to put up and take down!! And as you can see, it's not too heavy. Edwin felt the need to push the box around the living room. (This was a couple of weeks before Christmas).

I took this picture first thing on Christmas morning. My baby is so cute!!

Every time I tried to get a picture of him in his santa hat, he crouched down to mimic me!

The day after Christmas...Edwin was wearing his new superman pjs from Auntie Katie, sitting on his new Elmo couch from mommy & daddy. He insisted on sitting on his couch to have his bottle...such a big boy!

Here is is looking dapper in his new clothes

My boys make me so happy :)

When my brother David & his wife Jenny were here, we took Edwin & Anthony to Monkey Joes. Unfortunately, they've changed the rules since the last time we were there. The only way an adult can "jump" is if they're supervising a child under 4. So Ed & my brother took turns supervising Edwin. My little guy loved this slide!!!

He wasn't so sure about the toddler area though...

Anthony & Edwin

Can I get a smile...please???

Uncle Dave & Edwin

These were just a few pictures I took on my own camera. I admit, I got a little lazy this year and just enjoyed the moments instead of feeling compelled to snap pics every five seconds. But hopefully Katie will post some of her awesome photography skills soon :)


JayBee said...

lol. I didn't take one photo while we were visiting. The camera stayed in my suitcase. Thank God for Katie!

It's fun seeing some of the pics of our trip and other pics of what you did when we weren't around. We had a great time!!

Gigi said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Edwin is getting so big...maybe the superman cape makes him look even bigger ;)