Monday, March 23, 2009



A corporate enviornment with only cube walls to separate smells is not the ideal place for a preggo lady to be. Especially when the heightened sense of smell just kicked in. Come on people, let's consider something a little less disgusting for lunch tomorrow. Mm K?


JayBee said...

haha. I remember this one time I brought a lean cuisine with shrimp -- or some sort of seafood. And the microwave made it smell fishy. I made a mental note not to bring shrimp lean cuisines anymore. But then the pregnant lady on my floor said with a really loud voice so everyone in our area could hear, "Ewe, what is that smell!?" People starting chiming in -- "Grosse. Yuck. Stinky, etc."

I was mortified!! I ate my food so fast, hoping the smell would disipate. And I've never brought seafood lean cuisines to work again.

Gigi said...

Funny story Jenny!

I do remember that heightened sense of smell and the contributions of it to morning sickness!