Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eat More Chikin

This afternoon (well, late morning since it was 11:30), I decided I wanted Chick-fil-A for lunch. So I drove over to the one by Target and proceeded around the building to get in the drive-thru line. There was a guy in a truck entering the parking lot, so I thought I’d be nice and let him in the line ahead of me. Turns out he was going into the building, so no big deal. However, this rude lady in an SUV whipped through behind the guy in the truck and cut me off to get ahead of me in line. I was on the phone with my sister and even told her how rude the lady was!

(Are you bored yet? Just hang in there…)

I get to the speaker, order my yummy lunch, and the lady tells me it’ll be $5.68. I drove around to the window, and imagine my surprise when she says “you’re the 100th customer today, so your meal is on us!” She rang a cowbell and all the employees inside started clapping. Um, seriously? I didn’t even know they did this sort of thing!!! So even though I tried to be nice to the guy in the truck and got cut off by a rude lady, my meal was FREE!!!!!!!

Long story for only $5.68, but it made my day!

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Gigi said...

The graphic you added was a great touch! Yay for the free meal!