Friday, October 9, 2009


This afternoon, I learned of the new policy at New Hanover Regional Medical Center regarding visitors. Because of the stupid H1N1 virus, nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to visit (see their press release here). This means that when I have Lillian in roughly six weeks, Edwin will not be able to visit his brand new baby sister in the hospital.

I am upset. I had visions of Edwin coming to the hospital, maybe having a present with him for the new baby, being a little bit shy at first (yes, it is possible for Edwin to be shy), and then meeting his Lillian. I wish you could hear the sweet way he says her name. I imagined him climbing into the hospital bed with me as I held both of my kids, amazed that I have been blessed with two precious miracles. Katie would get some wonderful pictures that we could share with all of our family and friends…

Now those visions have changed. Yes, I know it will still be special no matter where Edwin is when he meets Lillian for the first time. But I wanted it to be at the hospital!! (Imagine me throwing a mini-tantrum right now…) I also don’t want to go two days without seeing my son and having him wonder where the heck mommy is. Again, go ahead and argue the other side. He’s only 2 and a half – will he really care where mommy is? Will he really care that he’s not stuck in a small hospital room being told you can’t touch that, leave that alone? Probably not. But my very first memory EVER is when my dad brought Katie and I to the hospital to meet David…and I was only 2 ½. Now Edwin won’t have that chance.

So instead of offering me comments like “well, it’s a pandemic” or “it won’t really matter” just be mad with me for a second. Understand that I am having a little pity party and just want a little bit of company… Yes, I’ll get over this. Yes, most likely after Lillian is born I’ll post on here that it wasn’t a big deal to have Edwin meet her at Pappy’s house. But for now, please just let me be mad.


hilary said...

i hear ya girl. i have my pouty lips on for you right now. i just finished screaming and pounding my fists on the floor too. (i have an excellent tantrum teacher that lives with me ;)

i'm not under 18 -- in fact, i'm WAY over 18 -- so i'll be there. and you can tell ME not to press the buttons and swing from the wires ;)

Amber said...

I had those same visions...however when Drew got to the hospital room he wouldn't come near me...He didn't care for the IV in Mommy's hand!

And just think the pictures will be way more cute with a better background! :)

Keep your head up! It's almost time!!!