Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Over a year ago, I started following MckMama’s blog…some of you may have heard of her, or of her little boy Stellan.  She recently went to Kenya on a mission trip through Compassion International.  Every day, I read her updates and viewed her photos…and every day my heart would start pounding and my mind would race.  It’s so easy for me to live my life and forget that there are entire countries out there full of people that live in far worse conditions than my brain can even comprehend.  It makes me wonder why God placed me here in Wilmington – why I have a roof over my head, a pantry full of food (even when I arrogantly stand there staring at the shelves thinking “there’s nothing to eat”), a job that allows me to provide for my family.  And it makes me even more grateful for those same things. 

It’s no secret that we’re trying to sell our house and move closer to town.  I admit there are some days that I boo-hoo and whine that our house hasn’t sold, I’m tired of driving so much every day, etc.  But more and more I’m reminded that this is a mere inconvenience.  I mean, hello?!  I’m complaining that I have a functional car that takes me from my good job with great benefits to my nice house where I spend time with my healthy children and husband??!!  What is wrong with me?? 

Ok, I’ve gotten a bit off track.  While I was reading MckMama’s posts, I kept getting the feeling in the pit of my stomach that I really wanted to sponsor one of the children in Kenya.  I began praying that God would make an opportunity for me to talk about this with Ed.  Sure enough, two Sundays ago at church, they showed a video from Hope 127, a project that PC3 has in Kenya.  You can go to the website to get all the background, but basically, Pastor Jackson and his wife run Mama Helen’s Rehabilitation Center.  I’ve known about this for awhile – in fact, our small group last year decided to sponsor one of the boys from the center.  I regret to say that I never took this seriously – the way we collected money was in what we called the “John Jar.”  Sure I would throw in a few bucks here and there, but I never let my heart realize the fact that it represented a REAL PERSON who had REAL NEEDS!  When I watched the video at church, tears started to fall when I saw the conditions the children were living in, and the hope that they find at Mama Helen’s.  I even had the crazy thought that maybe possibly perhaps someday eventually if things fall into place maybe I would want to go on a mission trip over there?  Crazy, I KNOW!!  I have NEVER thought that, and it’s even strange to type it here.  But who knows?   So that night after church I asked Ed if he would consider having us sponsor a child from Hope 127 and he agreed.  I’ve filled out the paperwork and just need to drop it off at church this Sunday.

God is so amazing.  I neglected the “John Jar” and missed an opportunity to help that little boy.  Jonah 2:8 says “Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.”   But God has changed my heart and now we are able to help another child (don’t worry, John is still taken care of).   And here’s something really cool – my friend Rebecca and her daughter Hannah are going to Kenya in August.  I’m hopeful that they’ll be able to meet the boy or girl that we end up sponsoring…how cool is that??!??

Just as a disclaimer – I’m not writing this post to say oh, aren’t we wonderful for sponsoring a child. That’s not it.  I guess I just wanted to show one of the ways that God is working in my life…and maybe encourage someone else to sponsor a child, whether it’s through Compassion International or Hope 127.  Just a thought.



BrandiB said...

Such a great reminder of our perspective of our own world, how our comforts we may take for granted everyday are but a prayer for someone else. And a great showing of what stepping out in faith can do :-)

Anonymous said...

that is AWESOME! thank YOU for taking on an initiative that, to many (including me), seems too difficult to tackle. you are an inspiration :)

ilovekenya said...

hey there! you don't know me, but i attend Port City Community Church as well and just typed in "Mama Hellen's Rehabilitation Center" into google and your website came up! i read this post and i felt like i should respond. i don't know if you've given any more thought to possibly going on a mission trip to Kenya...but if you have, do not ignore it! i went on my first mission trip about 4 years ago to the Dominican Republic with PC3 and it was really awesome...however, i had always felt the Lord calling me to go to Kenya. it's an expensive trip, so i wasn't able to go for a couple of years, but last August, i actually got to go with a team from Port City!! it was the most INCREDIBLE experience of my life. i met and got to know a lot of the children at Mama Hellen's, and the experience truly blessed my life. since i've been back i started sponsoring one of the girls there and writing letters back and forth with her. i am soooooo excited because i'm going to be going back to Kenya AGAIN this August!! i highly recommend going. it is truly unlike any other place in the world and the people are the most wonderful people i've ever met. they have so little, yet are so grateful for all they have. they have the most wonderful spirits about them, too. if you feel the Lord pushing you towards Kenya, and if you are able, you should absolutely go when you can. it was a truly life-changing experience for me! i'm thinking about going over there for a more long-term mission sometime, hopefully in the near future. if you ever have any questions or want to talk about Kenya or ANYTHING involving missions, please feel free to contact me! my email is ilovekenya@ec.rr.com. hope these words encourage you!