Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

I blame it all on Facebook. I can't believe I haven't posted on this blog since Lillian learned how to crawl!!! Now she's two years old, running all over the place, talking in full sentences, trying to use the potty, and pushing her limits every chance she gets.

I used to love writing a blog post and adding a few pictures every now and then. Actually, I really enjoyed going back and reading some of those posts and re-living the memories. Now it's so easy to post a quick status update on Facebook and move on. But it's just not the same.

So in honor of the fact that we are expecting Baby Boso #3 in October, I've decided to start blogging again. That's right. More blog, less Facebook.

Where to begin...

Edwin will be 5 years old next month. Yes, FIVE. YEARS. OLD. Crazy! He loves music (turns everything into either drums or a guitar), loves to play outside, and is a fantastic big brother. He's so sweet with Lillian and calls himself her protector. Edwin is very energetic and loves school. Speaking of school, he'll be starting Kindergarten in the fall! We've put him in the lottery for Roger Bacon Academy, but that decision is in God's hands. Next Friday we'll find out if he gets in.

Lillian turned 2 in November. She wants to do everything her big brother does, which of course drives him a little bit crazy. She loves to play dress-up, but still likes to wrestle with Daddy and Edwin. You'll rarely see Lillian without her favorite blue blankie and she loves her baby dolls.

Baby Boso #3 is due October 9th. I can't believe God has blessed us with another baby!!! Right now I'm not feeling sick, just a bit more tired than usual. Since I'm only about 4.5 weeks pregnant, I don't expect the major symptoms to hit for another week or so. At least, that's how it went when I was preggo with Edwin and Lillian.

That's it for tonight. If I write anymore it'll turn into a Christmas card letter, and we just can't have that ;) And since I don't like posts without pictures, here's one of our big family taken around Thanksgiving.

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Jenny | The Balow Bunch said...

Hooray! Your blog post was an awesome surprise! Keep doing it!