Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He Speaks!!!

Edwin said his first word this weekend! Any guesses?? It was MAMA!!! Yes, that's right. My sweet baby boy said his very first word. I guess all of my hard work has paid off. Virtually every day since he was about two months old, I've tried to get him to say mama...the payoff is so cool! On Saturday, I went through the routine again. "Edwin, say ma-ma. Ma-ma". Finally he did it! But since I didn't have any witnesses, I figured nobody would believe me. However on Sunday, the rest of the family heard it, and Ed confirmed it yesterday as well. Yay!!!!! Now I need to start working on Da-da.


JayBee said...

That's so awesome!!

And you need to get that on camera, so everyone else can see!

David said...

what he really needs to learn is....>"UNCLE DAVE!!"