Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Almost Here!

It's almost Christmas!!!! I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head right now, it's hard to make them cooperate so you'll have something coherent to read. I'm just so excited for Christmas....for so many different reasons. Some of the more obvious reasons include watching my son unwrap his presents, spending time with family, getting to see David (my little bro) and Jenny (his wife)....they're flying in from freezing MN tomorrow!, umm..what else? Oh yeah, the food...definitely looking forward to the tasty treats we'll have. But I keep going back to a cd...some of you are familiar with Todd Agnew's Christmas cd....he goes through the whole christmas story and tries to imagine what it was like for all those involved...what was going through their minds? How could they know what was happening? Did they understand the magnitude of a tiny child being born? My favorite song on the album relates to the angels. At his concert, Todd explains his thinking behind the song. When the angels were in heaven, they must have been looking down on the earth, knowing what was about to happen...they must have been so excited - can't you just imagine it? Like a kid on Christmas morning waking up knowing that Santa brought them presents...only this was real!! The angels must have had all they could do to hold back their excitement - "Can we sing yet? Can we shout yet? "...and then the song erupts as they sing "Glory, glory to God. Glory in the Highest!!" I know I'm not doing it justice. But that's how I feel lately. Like I know this secret and can't wait to yell it at the top of my lungs! I just want everyone to know how truly miraculous it is that GOD sent His ONLY SON to DIE for US!!! It's not enough to just go to church, to know intellectually who God is, or who Jesus is....but you have to know Jesus, have a real relationship with him. And since that finally happened for me, I just want it so bad for the rest of the world! I listened to a sermon from Perry Noble today...it was from the Christmas service at New Spring church in south carolina....it was probably one of the most powerful messages I've ever heard. It was definitely not your typical Christmas isn't-it-nice-that-sweet-baby-was-born kind of story. It was in your face, it asked the tough question - what is it going to take for God to get your attention? It looked at Christmas from King Herod's perspective. God did so many things to get his attention....Jesus was born mere miles from where he was, but Herod eventually died never knowing Jesus. And he'll spend eternity in hell because of it. God was merciful and gave Herod chance after chance after chance...but he never got it. I pray all the time for people I know (and people I don't know) that don't know Jesus. I pray that they'll stop putting Him to the side, stop putting Him off until "later"....

....see I told you I had all these thoughts in my head. I could go on and on, but maybe I'll save it for another time. I found the Todd Agnew song I was talking about and added it on the right. Check it out :)

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

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