Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Two Year Stats

Friday afternoon I took Edwin for his two year checkup. I knew he was a big boy, but this just confirmed it!

37 1/2 inches tall (off the charts)
30 lbs (75th percentile)
I can't remember his exact head circumfrence, but just as I suspected, still off the charts

I'll admit I had some of my fears dismissed when the doc assured me that Edwin's crazy behavior is completely normal for a two year old. You should have seen him in the exam just a diaper, running around as if I had just fed him handfuls of sugar and a coke! Quite funny actually...

Anyway, it was reassuring to know that we are doing all the right things. Timeouts when his behavior is either dangerous or deliberately disobedient, ignoring the tantrums, etc. His vocabulary is right on track, his gross and fine motor skills all on track. Good to know! Our healthy boy barely even flinched when he had his finger pricked to test for hemoglobin and when he got his shot. What a champ!!

This is a little unrelated, but I forgot to post the video last week. Here's Edwin when we called Grandma Jeanie and Grandpa Glenn on his birthday. As soon as Ed handed him the phone, he went NUTS!!!!


Tay's Mom said...

this has nothing to do with your post, but i had to tell you that i love your little 3d baby widget thing - such a cute little baby, especially when it rotates!

BrandiB said...

I swear, they must put something in the water fountain at the doctor's office because Reece acts the same way when I take her!
Glad to hear things are going good and your little boy is growing up healthy and strong!