Saturday, August 15, 2009

26 and 30

What do these two numbers mean?  Well, I’m 26 weeks pregnant today and 30 years old. 

My day started off at 7am when a sleepy Edwin came wandering into our room.  My darling husband got up with him so that I could sleep in.  Hooray!!  Then at 9am, Edwin came back in with my birthday card…he had to open it for me of course! 

We eventually went to Home Depot to get paint for Lillian’s room.  I’ll have to post pictures later this week once Ed finishes the project – it’s going to be so cute!!  And now, Edwin is taking his nap while I play with my birthday present.   My new Dell laptop is a few weeks old, but it’s my birthday and Christmas presents for the next two years :)  Later this afternoon after Edwin wakes up, we’ll head over to mom & dad’s house.  Katie, Mom, and I are going to get pedicures and we’re having steaks for dinner.  YUMMY!!  Unfortunately Ed has to work, but at least he’s off tomorrow.

Since I haven’t posted new pictures in awhile, here are some funny ones from last week.  Edwin and Ed were playing outside one night after work and somehow they broke out the hose.  Check it out!







Katie Mathews Photography said...

Happy Bday!!

Tay's Mom said...

I hope you ate lots of cake. For Lillian, of course ;) Happy Birthday, you beautiful mommy!

Gigi said...

Happy Belated Birthday!