Monday, September 3, 2007

Lazy, Busy, Cranky

That's how I'd describe this weekend. Let's start with Saturday:
I like to take a break from driving, so on Saturdays, Edwin and I stay home. Usually I like to get some cleaning done and hit Walmart to stock up on groceries. Not this Saturday! We were sooooo lazy and it was wonderful. Edwin woke up around 5:30 to eat...after his bottle, he went back to sleep for another 3 hours and so did I. At 8:30 he woke up for round two and this time decided he wanted to play. Around 9:30 when Ed left for work, Edwin was acting fussy, as if he was tired again. I decided that I'd put him in my bed next to me--that way he could sleep and I could read my book. Well, he looked so nice and cozy that I decided to scoot down and lay right next to him. Next thing I know, it's noon!! Yes you read that correctly. We went back to sleep until noon. What a glorious day. For the rest of the afternoon, we played and hung out--we didn't even leave the house! Awesome. Now we move on to Sunday.

On Sundays, I head up to Wilmington (with Edwin of course) so I can go to church. This week was no different. I got to Katie's house at 9:30 so she could take care of Edwin for me. Then I went to pick up mom and she accompanied me to church for the first time. I appreciated her going with me because it's a bit different than what she's used to (it's called Port City Community Church). After church we picked everybody else up and had lunch at La Costa. Mmm... Mexican! Anthony decided he wanted to hang out with Auntie Diana so he joined Mom, Edwin and me at Toys R Us. After stocking up on clothes for next summer, we went back to Mom & Dad's house. For dinner, Dad & Brian were going to have a rib cookoff. I invited my friend Deirdre from work to join the craziness. She hadn't met Edwin yet so they enjoyed getting acquainted. Wonder who won the rib contest? Sorry Pappy, but I think Brian took this round. Ed said he'll kick both of your you-know-what's next time :) After dinner, Edwin had a bath and we headed home. Busy busy day. And alas....Today.

No, that's not me. It was my poor little boy who is teething. He woke up at 1:30am and again at 6:30am. For the remainder of the day, he alternated between being sleepy and downright ticked off! I can't say that I blame him though. If I had something sharp cutting through my gums, I'm sure I wouldn't be in the best mood either. I did what I could for him--gave him some Tylenol, let him chew on his teether and gave him lots of lovin'. When we went to lunch with Mom & Dad, we put an ice cube in his burp cloth (clean of course) and let him chew on that. It seemed to help, so I bought this really cool contraption at Wal-Mart. It's a little mesh bag with a handle attached. You can put different things in it...maybe an ice cube, or a banana....basically it lets the baby chew on something without the risk of choking. I'll be giving that a try tomorrow. I finally got him to sleep for the night around 7:20. Let's hope he has a better day tomorrow.
So there's my weekend in a nutshell. A slightly bigger nutshell than usual, but I had to get it all in since I haven't posted in awhile. Here are some pictures that I've been meaning to post. Hope you enjoy!

Pappy taught Edwin a new trick. When we're feeding him, we say either "Open" or "More". Edwin opens his mouth wide for the next bite!

Edwin's new toy--a Johnny Jump-Up. Here he is at Grandma & Pappy's house. Look at his feet!

This outfit was given to Edwin by Grandma Jeanie. It's perfect for the beach baby!

I took this picture on Saturday. Every time Edwin rolled over, I'd run for the camera, but by the time I got it, he had rolled again. I finally caught him on his tummy.


JayBee said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Wish I was there to sample the ribs. Sounds delicious!

JayBee said...

Oh, and it's funny that you mention Edwin is teething. Emily is losing her baby teeth. Tonight at dinner she was grossing everyone out, because her tooth was barely hanging in there and she was twisting it all around. Haha!

ktinnc07 said... pictures....I see Edwin like every other day but it's still fun to see pictures that you take instead of! I love the one in the johnny jump up..that's hillarious.

David said...