Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ahhhh Saturday....

I love Saturdays. It's (usually) the one day a week that I stay home with Edwin and just hang out. No driving to Wilmington, no dropping him off at daycare, nowhere that we have to be. Today was perfect. We napped, we played, we shopped (picked up a few things at Walmart)...and that's it! Actually, I hardly got anything done around the house because I spent the majority of the day with Edwin in my lap. If I sit with my knees bent, he kind of leans back on my legs and proceeds to eat his toys. He doesn't really play with them, just drools all over them. Definite quality time between mom & baby. I'm posting another video for you...while I was making my lunch of leftover lasagna, I put him in his swing. His new favorite thing to do is bang his butterfly toy on the tray to make lots of noise. Check it out..