Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Still Here

This will just be a quick post.....mostly because I love it when other people update their blogs, so I'm trying to return the favor. It's COLD here today!! Okay, maybe not in comparison to other places..such as Minnesota, but I am still cold. I think it's in the upper 30's or something like that. Anyway, we got back from our Ohio trip safe and sound. It was hard to say goodbye to Glenn and Jeanie, especially since we're not sure when we'll get to see them again. I really wish they'd move down here, but they have too many other family members up north. Maybe someday. We enjoyed Edwin's very first Halloween. He dressed up as a pumpkin!! Check out Katie's blog for pictures. I'll post some later too...but I don't have them on my computer right now. That's it for now. I told you it would be quick. Maybe tonight I can post some more. Have a great day!

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JayBee said...

Yeah, yesterday it took me an hour to thaw once I got to work!

And then at home, I was wearing socks and slippers, a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and a puffy vest.

So we decided to finally put the heat on...and I think my work decided to do the same thing. It's nice and cozy now.

Not looking forward to a long winter..