Saturday, June 7, 2008

Recipes Anyone??

I need your help. I'm looking for some healthy (yes, I said healthy) recipes that are fairly easy to make. I'm sitting here making my grocery list for the week and I'm trying to plan out meals. I'm ashamed to say that it's been a REALLY long time since I've focused on the healthy part, and my repertoire of meals consists of sloppy joes, pizza, grilled cheese & tomato soup, taco salad, and burgers. Not exactly the ideal way to fuel my body.

So here's your challenge. Please please please send me some healthy recipes. I know there are lots of you out there who just stalk my blog and never comment (hey, I'm guilty of it too. I stalk a ton of blogs!!). But just this once, step out from behind the curtain and send me some creative ideas. You can either put them in the comments section for all to read, or you can send me an email ( Either way, I appreciate it!!


I also have to pat myself on the back for a second and say that I've not had any Coca-cola since Monday...AND...I worked out three days in a row this week!!! For those of you who do not struggle with food/exercise this might seem like a small accomplishment. But to me, it's huge.


David said...

great work on the workouts..i know how tedious it can be to actualy make it to the well as no coke...i know thats a tough one, but vital to loosing weight, and staying in as it goes for one of my favorite dinners....boneless skinless chicken breast..lightly seasoned w/ pappys spice...grilled on the Foreman for aprox 8 min. Steamed asperagus, and light cesar salad. WIth a tall glass of H2O...Delicious!

The Bradys said...

i have been trying to shed my last few baby pounds, so i can give you lots of suggestions. whether you'll like them or not, i dunno. i have strange taste. i love coke zero -- calorie free and it gives me that caffeine and coke taste i crave. otherwise, if you don't like water, the new crystal light to go packets are awesome. the metabolism booster peach green tea is fabulous. as for food, we do baked chicken or crock pot chicken every night with different seasonings, with steamed veggies (the steam fresh bags take 5 minutes in the micro and that's it!). i eat veggie burgers on wheat english muffins for lunch. the more organic, all natural stuff you can eat, the better. your body will start flushing all the impurities and you'll lose weight much faster. oh, and as nasty as it is, drink lemon juice every night. pure lemon juice. it helps flush your body of impurities so you can start eating healthy on a fresh body. good luck!

JayBee said...

My suggestion is to eat lots and lots of vegetables and to watch your portion size. Dave can attest to how far portion size control helps with losing weight.

And you live by the lots of seafood!!!

I'll have to think of specific recipes for you...

Gigi said...

I agree with Jenny! It is all in the portion size. Stuffed peppers is one of my favorites...brown up 1 lb of gr turkey, add some onions and garlic (if you like), add a can of diced tomatoes, add 2-3 c cooked brown rice. Stuff into bell peppers (green or any color really), bake 30 min at 350, then sprinkle on some mozz cheese and bake 15 more minutes. YUM! This ends up making 5 stuffed peppers and probably some extra stuffing. Each pepper will be 2 veggies, 1 protein, 1-2 starches and 1/2 dairy. Add some fruit and what a great balanced meal.

Good luck with the eating right and working out!