Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Haircuts and Bedtime Battles

Last night after work, Mom (Grandma) and I took Edwin to get his hair cut. As you can see from my previous post, his locks were getting might luscious indeed. It took forever to get the shampoo rinsed out and it was making him sweat like crazy!! So it took some finesse on the stylists part, but he came out looking even more handsome than ever. Isn't my baby adorable??
Yes, I just called my baby adorable. And now I will discuss the not-so-adorable side of him. Ahh, the bedtime battles have begun at our house. Sunday was his first night in the big boy bed...and I think Round 1 goes to the little man. But Rounds 2 and 3 definitely go to the parents. YAY!! Monday and Tuesday nights were a "interesting" and involved more than a little crying on Edwin's part, but both nights he slept straight through until morning. Hooray!!!! Now that I know he's capable (again) of sleeping through the night in his BBB, consider this GAME ON. He's just testing us to see if we'll cave to his demands, but we're standing strong. A couple of co-workers have applauded our efforts considering they had children around the age of 5 that still wouldn't go to sleep without mommy or daddy in the bed. NO WAY JOSE!!!!
Anyway, I know that this is for Edwin's own good - I'm not just being the sleep police for my own enjoyment. Trust me, I can think of many other ways to spend my evenings. So with that said, pray that Round 4 also goes to the parents tonight. Good luck, Ed. You get to put the little man to bed all by yourself (I have small group tonight). I'll keep you posted :)

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JayBee said...

I love the new haircut and the new bed. I'm glad to hear that you're winning in the quest to get him to sleep by himself. I think Edwin likes to sleep enough that he'll let you win this battle in the end...I just pray it isn't a long transition! Although it sounds like it's going ok.