Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interview Update

Okay folks, here’s the quickie update on Harris Teeter. Ed spoke with “Fred” (name has been changed…see earlier post!) this afternoon. Dear Fred was out on vacation all last week, and that’s why he didn’t call on the 14th as originally promised. Oh well. So Fred finally talked to his boss (let’s call him Jack) today. “Jack” wants Ed to come in for another interview and they’ll discuss getting him started in the program. That would be the management program with Harris Teeter. The position he’s looking at is Fresh Foods Department Manager…we’re not sure if that’s assistant mgr, or just plain old manager. Either way, we’d be thrilled! Fred just needs to confirm a date/time with Jack, and then he’ll call Ed to set it up. I don’t know about you people, but this sounds very promising to me!! So keep up those prayers…they are very much appreciated.


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Sounds like good news! Keep us posted!!

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