Monday, April 7, 2008

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(This picture is staying right here because I'm tired of trying to move it around. Blogger should give you the option of putting a picture where you want it!!!)
In any case, this is Edwin in his new pj's playing with a new toy (read the post)

I had fully intended to write this post yesterday, but I was enjoying the day so much, I just couldn’t bring myself to go online. Then when I read everybody else’s posts about the weekend, I realized I had to chime in too!

I loved this weekend! It was one of those weekends when you don’t have a big event, you don’t have real plans, but it ends up being wonderful.

On Saturday, my darling husband let me sleep in. Yes, that’s right, he got up with Edwin so I could sleep!!! I think that’s a great way to start any day…haha. Once I finally rolled out of bed, we essentially spent the day hanging out. Edwin stayed in his new jammies most of the day and played with a lot of his new toys. Apparently one of his favorites was given to him by my friend Jessica. It’s a Leap Frog magnetic toy that goes on the refrigerator. You make matches with the different pieces and learn about the animals. He loves it!! The only time we ventured out of the house was to the grocery store and the movie store. After Edwin went to bed, we watched “No Country for Old Men”. I won’t say too much about it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet…but I have a mixed review. Overall, a relaxing Saturday.

Sunday was even better. I got up early to drive to Wilmington for the 8:30 service at Port City Community Church. Here’s the best part—some of my small group came with me!! They go to a different church, but I’m always talking about PC3. So it was awesome to be able to share such a great worship experience with them. After church, I headed home to see my boys. It was such a beautiful day (70+ and sunny) that we decided to take Edwin for a walk down at Holden Beach. I just love springtime! It was sunny, there was a light breeze, the temperature was just perfect. I admit I felt bad for the MN folks, particularly Duluth, that were supposed to be getting snow. But not so bad that I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the ocean!! When we got back in the car after our walk, Edwin was exhausted. He fell asleep almost immediately and continued sleeping even after we got home. Ed turned on the race, I laid on the couch and read my book…then decided to take a nap! Seriously, does it get any better? Haha. A nice quiet evening topped off the weekend. I just kept thanking God for everything—my adorable son, my wonderful husband, the great weather, sleep! Amazing.

I hope everybody else enjoyed their days as much as I did. Here are some pictures for you:

Edwin's new baseball game from Uncle Dave and Aunt Jenny in MN. Look...he's even wearing his baseball pj's!!

The view on Holden Beach yesterday. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Edwin was happy to get outside with Mommy and Daddy. He loves that stroller!

Once again, we wore the poor kid out. This was him about 3 minutes after we got back in the car.


JayBee said...

Sounds like so much fun! I think I have to enjoy my spring vicarously through you!

And wow. Seeing Edwin in the stroller makes him seem so big. Remember when you visited last May and he didn't even sit in the real stroller yet...he just hung out in the carrier.

And I love the pic of him playing with the baseball toy! Thanks for taking of pic of him playing with it! He's a future baseball all-star!

ktinnc07 said...

Awww sweet boy...I'm glad you guys had fun and I can't wait to see that little booger tomorrow night!!!