Monday, April 7, 2008

Welcome Grandma Jeanie & Grandpa Glenn!!

Hooray! Grandma Jeanie and Grandpa Glenn from Ohio have finally joined this century...they now have high-speed internet!!!!!!! Applause Applause!

So what does this mean for my "loyal" blog readers? Well, you'll be seeing a lot more videos of sweet little Edwin. And most of them will probably bore you to tears. But for Grandma and Grandpa who rarely get to see him, it'll be like watching Hollywood blockbusters.

For instance, here is a video of the birthday boy on Sunday March 30th, having his very first chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Delicious!


ktinnc07 said...

Aww man....we have to watch more videos of Edwin..dang that's a hardship! haha

Gigi said...

He is so cute!! Too bad my boys are now at the age that we would not be happy with them if they ate like that :)