Tuesday, April 15, 2008


You know how on Outlook, you can use an "out of office" message when you go on vacation? Well....consider this post to be my out of office message. Ed and I are all packed and ready to hit the road. Two years ago after we got married, we never took a honeymoon. So this week is our slightly delayed trip. At his Christmas party, he won a 3 night stay at a 3-bedroom oceanfront suite at Southwind in Myrtle Beach. Yee haw!!! Katie is taking care of Edwin for the week (I'm going to miss him SO MUCH!!!!)....and Pappy is graciously helping us with the dogs (Sorry Pappy). See you next week!!


Gigi said...

I hope you have fun!!!

And when you get back, fill us in on the job interview Ed did last week :)

Pappy Dave said...

Dogs? what dogs? oops.. jk