Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Camera Happy

I didn't realize how much I missed having my camera...or how much I take it for granted...until I left it with Katie for about a week. Suddenly I have the urge to take pictures of anything and everything! Lucky for you, right?

I took this one this morning...just before we left the house...he still has bed-head! (and yes, I still give my child a bottle in the morning. I love our snuggle time!)

He did NOT want to get up this morning!

Self portraits are so much fun, don't you think? (although I must say, my head looks HUGE in this picture!)

Grandma Jeanie sent a package to "Dewey" yesterday, and I couldn't resist putting him in the pj's she sent. He wasn't being as cooperative with pics as he was the other night, but you get the idea.


JayBee said...

That is lucky for us! Between you and Katie, I'm always glad to see pictures!

Are you wearing the shirt from Target we both got last year at Thanksgiving (well, I got 6 of them)??? I recognize that great green color!

Grandma Judy said...

Take all of the pictures you can ... because they grow up to fast.

Life Glimpsed: The Denglers said...

oh my gosh he is SOOOO KISSABLE!!

Gigi said...

Self portraits are fun!!

I keep thinking I do not take enough pictures, thanks for the motivation!