Monday, October 27, 2008


Please click HERE to read a very interesting article. It may make some of you angry, it may make some of you roll your eyes... What I do hope though is that it makes everyone who reads it think.

I know how I'm voting.

Here's the link again. Any thoughts?


Amber said...

I could not agree more! I must admit that as long as I've been voiting - I've been basing my decision on this topic! Some people think it's silly - but I feel like it is the most important issue! :)

Life Glimpsed: The Denglers said...

i just read the title and said - amen! God is the CREATOR of life - so HE gets to decide. and who are we to say what will and won't bring glory to God? right? right. thanks for posting that.

JayBee said...

Thanks for sharing the article. And just like you hoped, it did make me think. Although in the end, I came to a different conclusion. If you want to know my perspective, read my blog. ;)