Monday, October 6, 2008

Time Marches On

Last night, I had a super long blog post rolling around in my head. I was going to write about our crazy weekend, about Edwin being sick, about all the little things that piled up making me feel like a giant ball of stress. But I was too tired to write.

This morning, I realized that it doesn't matter. Time keeps moving. We made it through the weekend. Edwin still isn't 100% healthy, but it's ok. We're getting through. I was reminded many many times over just a couple of days how I can't rely on my own strength. I NEED GOD. For those of you who are walking with God, do you notice that we go through seasons of explosive growth, and seasons of just getting by? Just a few weeks ago, I'd say I was in the former category. I was in the Word daily, I was journaling, I was focused on Jesus. But lately, I've felt myself slip. It's easier to turn off the light early and go to sleep rather than spend time reading my bible. It's easier to just pray in the car rather than have intentional quiet time (there's nothing wrong with praying in the car...but that can't be the only time I spend with God). I realize that doing or not doing these things doesn't make me a better or worse person. But I have noticed how I react to the world is a lot different when I forget why I'm here.

Wow...this isn't how I intended this post to go at all. But I guess it needed to get out...Anyway, Edwin is on the road to recovery from a double ear infection, my husband's back is causing him a lot of pain, and I think I'm going to go read my bible. I hope everyone has a great night. I'll be praying for you and if you think of us, please pray for our family as well.



Grandma Judy said...

I hope Edwin, will be feeling better,his medicine should start working by tomorrow.

Pappy Dave said...

Amen baby girl..Amen