Monday, March 3, 2008

The Bestest Weekend Ever!

Oh man, I wish I could express in words just how much fun I had this weekend. It started off on Friday morning at 8:30am when Rebecca picked me up outside PPD. We transferred all of my bags from my car to hers and then took off for Myrtle Beach…time to Scrapbook!! It might sound strange for those of you who don’t scrapbook—and you may wonder why I get so excited about it, but it’s just so wonderful to get away for a whole weekend and do something you love.

Katie met us on Friday night at Cheeseburger in Paradise. We go there every year, and we always have the same waiter…Smoke. Yes, that’s actually his name. And last year we found out his wife works at the same hotel as Ed…small world! Here’s one of the many pictures we took at dinner. (Yummy drinks!) We were all laughing at this picture because it looks like Katie and I are having a nice dinner…and Rebecca is some crazy lady that jumped in our booth!

On Saturday night, we had dinner at Ed’s restaurant. AMAZING! All three of us were members of the Clean Plate Club…in fact, Rebecca enjoyed the crème brulee so much she even licked the bowl.

Sadly we had to pack up and leave early Sunday morning……but the sadness didn’t last long. I was going to see my baby…and we had a carnival to get ready for!! Check out Katie’s Blog to see pictures from Anthony’s 5th birthday party. I swear that girl gets so creative she should be a party planner. It’s hard to believe that “little Anthony” is such a big boy! Katie had ordered one of those giant blow-up slides for the carnival. After the party was over, our family decided to take advantage of the slide…we had so much fun! Even Edwin took a couple of turns on it!!

So there you have it…I’m exhausted this morning, but I had such a blast that it was totally worth it. Hopefully I’ll have some more pictures for you soon. Have a great week!


ktinnc07 said...

It was definitely the bestest weekend ever (in recent history!) I can't believe we crammed so much into about 60 hours...we even slept...a little.

JayBee said...

Sounds like a good time to me! I'm envious!

BTW..your hair is growing out fast. It looks good!

Gigi said...

I am jealous too- of the scrapbook time!! I cannot belive you fit so much in such a little time!!