Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sick Baby = Tired Daddy

So we’re not sure if it’s another lovely side effect of the antibiotics, or just a coincidence, but Edwin not only had an upset tummy from the “south side” yesterday, but he added the “north side” last night.

Ed and I (and Edwin of course) went to dinner last night with Mom, Dad, Katie, Brian and Anthony. Then it was time for a bath, a final bottle and head home. Sounds simple right? WRONG! Bath time was uneventful. Then we tried to give Edwin some Pedialyte in his bottle since he’d been spitting up milk at daycare. But he was having none of it. So we tried his usual formula…but he was still being really squirmy and acted like he just wanted to play. We finally started to pack everything up to leave…when…suddenly…Mount Edwin erupted. Poor Daddy was holding him and got absolutely soaked. And poor baby couldn’t stop throwing up. It was a pathetic sight to say the least. I think it took us at least two full-size bath towels to clean up the mess. After a change of pj’s, we took our chances and headed home. Thankfully, Edwin slept the whole way. But unfortunately he didn’t sleep through the night. Ed got up with him several times, including at 3:30am!! Nothing was calming Edwin down, so Ed took a chance and gave him another bottle. And being the loving, protective daddy that he is, Ed stayed up with him for almost two hours to make sure he didn’t throw up again.

So there you have it. When I left for work this morning, Edwin was peacefully sleeping in his crib and Ed was asleep in our bed. I’m hoping that they have an uneventful day today. And I’m so grateful that my dear husband let me sleep last night!!


ktinnc07 said...

And now Diana is sick to her stomach and leaving work (for those of you reading this)...The Bosos need to get better!!

Gigi said...

Get better Bosos!!