Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easier to post pictures than words :)

Edwin looked so sporty this morning, I just had to take a picture. The jacket was Anthony's, given to him by great-grandma. So cute!! This was just before we left the house.

Edwin absolutely loves his bathtime. We have a huge garden tub in our master bathroom, which is now full of plastic boats and rubber duckies. Look how happy he is!

Edwin's new trick is to carefully place the boats on the ledge. Such concentration on his cute little face!

Oh yeah, and he always tries to stand up in the tub. Tsk tsk...

I told you the tub was huge!


Gigi said...

I love bath pictures!!

All of our boys are getting so big!! Time sure flies!

JayBee said...

My nephew is getting so big! LOL...sometimes I have to remind myself that he is indeed my nephew! Lucky me!!!!