Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Finger

(This is the sleepy Birthday Boy on our way home after the party)

Edwin is old enough for one finger!! Haha. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. I know he won't remember today, but I loved every minute of it!! I woke him up this morning, snuggled his sleepy pj-covered self and gave him a bottle. Then the three of us drove up to Wilmington. Ed dropped me off at church, and then brought Edwin over to Auntie Katie's house. She took care of him so Ed could get a few things done (including buying and assembling a new Big Wheel for Anthony because he accidentally ran over the other one! haha). Anyway, after church, it was time to prep for the big party. Edwin was sleepy so he had a nap before the guests arrived. I'd say the party was a big success. Due to the well-timed nap, Edwin was bright eyed and full of energy to celebrate such a big milestone. He played with the other kids, enjoyed opening his presents with Daddy, and devoured a chocolate cupcake. Oh yeah, and had a bath to clean up the frosting :) When we got home tonight, we let Edwin play with all of his new toys, much to his delight. I think one of his favorite toys was from Auntie Katie. Do you remember those old-school toys that have the plastic balls in it that pop when you push it? I'll see if I can find a picture online. Anyway, he always goes for the simple stuff. Auntie Katie graciously took lots of pictures for us (much appreciated because I had my hands full). Here are a few from her camera (the good ones) and a few from ours. Enjoy!! By the way, I think we wore the birthday boy out. He's sound dreamland.

Jessica & Spencer, Me & Edwin, Brittany & Ella

This Elmo hooded towel was a gift from Grandma Jeanie & Grandpa Glenn in Ohio. We sure missed them today!

Edwin sure loved his cupcake!

This is the ball popper thing I was telling you about...hard to see though

Opening presents with Daddy

Edwin was taking it all in

Little Miss Ella (my friend Brittany's daughter). So cute!

I think Edwin was preoccupied with something besides the camera

It was so fun to watch Edwin playing with the other kids. Rebecca even got down on their level to play

Handsome Spencer (my friend Jessica's little boy)

This was the scene at our house early this morning. Edwin still in his Mickey Mouse pjs enjoying a few Cheerios.

Our lovely decorations

My husband rocks!!! He made this Elmo cake. And for those of you who have never attempted a project like this, it is VERY ambitious. He did an awesome job!


Life Glimpsed: The Denglers said...

i'm SO sorry that we missed the big day and event. loralai was out of wack today after having guests this weekend. it's taken most of the day to bring her back to sorts. it looks like edwin had an awesome birthday. what a cutie - and what an awesome elmo cake!

Gigi said...

What a fun and memorable day! I love first birthday cake pictures! And I knoe the popper toy you are taling about!! Kids do like the "classic" toys.

Brittany said...

Edwin is one special and loved birthday boy! Ella and I both had sooo much fun! I didn't want to leave : )

ktinnc07 said...

My favorite pic is the 1st one...of him conked out on the way home..haha. What a sweet boy. we had so much fun today...I can't believe he's a year old...time sure flies....

I love you guys!

Love, Auntie Katie :)

JayBee said...

Oh, it looks like Edwin had such a wonderful birthday party. That cake is awesome! Makes my watermelon cake look so elementary. We wish we could have been there.