Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Love Crackers!

It's the end of another weekend. Does time seem to speed up as you get older? I'm not trying to get all "deep" or anything, it just seems like everything goes by so quickly-especially now that Edwin is around. was a great weekend. Since Ed isn't working right now, Edwin and I are enjoying spending lots of time with him. We enjoyed a little family time on Friday night after work, including a trip to Southport to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant, San Felipe. YUMMY!! Edwin enjoyed watching all the new people..and he got a lot of attention from all the staff (as usual). On Saturday, Edwin spent quality time with Grandma and Pappy while I went with Katie on a photography extravaganza (Ed stayed home and did manly work--a.k.a. mowing the yard, sealing the deck, etc.). Katie & I started by going to my friend Katrina's house for a newborn photo shoot. Her little boy, Asher, was born on February 21st. It was so good to see her...obviously she hasn't been at work lately! It was a lot of fun to see how she handles being the mom of three-she definitely has her hands full with Caleb (5) and Bryson (3) and now Asher (0). We also found out that Caleb and Anthony are on the same t-ball team!! Should make for some fun game nights. After Katrina's shoot, we headed over to Ashley's house to take newborn pics of Miss Loralai. For any of you who are familiar, that's the little girl who made a spectacular grand entrance into the world on February 19th. She cooperated beautifully for her photos, much to the delight of her mom and dad. Katie is still in the process of editing them, but I'm excited to see how they turned out. After all the baby-picture-taking, Katie dropped me off for my haircut (see previous post). I would have posted a pic of the new 'do that night, but we had some wild and crazy thunderstorms and there was NO WAY I was trying to go online. Thankfully we escaped any tornadoes and my worry was for nothing. This morning I got up early for church (seriously....I love PC3!!!!) and then back home for the rest of the day. I finally tackled a project I've been wanting to work on for awhile. Edwin's bedroom. As he grew out of clothes, or got too big for his bouncy seat, things just got shoved in his room. I never found the time to organize everything. But that all changed today. I'll have to take some pictures because it hasn't looked this pretty since the day before we brought him home from the hospital!! Haha. Hopefully he can actually play in there now.

So that's it...the weekend wasn't anything over-the-top exciting, but I enjoyed virtually every minute of it. Especially the nap all three of us took this afternoon! Oh yeah, and the title of this post will be explained in the following pictures.....enjoy! And have a great week :)


Gigi said...

Cute pictures!!

ktinnc07 said...

Awwwww...look at those cheeks...I wanna eat 'em up!

JayBee said...

I love his enthusiasm for crackers. Edwin's got two crackers -hey, hey, hey.